Letting go of a character can be tough.

by BluDragon 15. July 2013 17:39

S'funny, Mafia Dudes existed for so long as just that, a mafia dude who shot stuff, that I almost never consciously considered using anyone else. But I did know that Mafia Dudes was too silly for it's own good...

It originally started as an idea that would be a project that I couldn't kill off, because no idea was too silly to implement. So in the 'first' version, you could play as the Mafia Dude, Gangster Guy, Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, Mario, Luigi, Beat, Zero Beat, Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shepard, Ratchet, Clank, Ermac (Although almost impossible to, you could), Raiden, and Sub-Zero. Most of these people did the same thing, just reskins, but they existed none-the-less. There weren't that many enemies in that version of Mafia Dudes either; a Lightning Dude, a Flying Bastard, a Creeper, and if you were playing on the Cave Story map, a Critter and an Angel. Weaponry was varied, far as I could tell at least, there were basic weapons, like the pistol, the tommy gun, a rocket launcher, a bouncing saw-blade gun, a shotgun, a flamethrower, a gun which shot a snake which followed your mouse, the Needler from Halo, the RYNO from Ratchet and Clank, a warp pipe which shot fireballs, the Aries and Glob guns from Borderlands, a minigun, a weapon which shot solid spires of rock, and something called the "Classified", which shot someone with one bullet that on impact split into many homing bullets. You cycled through these weapons by picking up crates, some weren't even accessible unless you picked up a flashing crate as a certain character. The first Mafia Dudes was very strange, indeed.

Super Mafia Dudes was a bit of a reboot, though not by much, the old characters were thrown out for the most part, and you could instead customize your character. Weapons were more basic, but could be made with special parts and elements. What was added though, were more enemies, crates, and bosses. SMD was the first of the three games (The first one was remade into 'arcade' in Mafia Dudes) to actually have a basic grunt, and aside from him had 5 unique enemies, some of which had variants which brought the total up to 14 enemies. There were more crates in this version than just the rainbow crate, weapons crate, and healing crate in SMD. The rainbow crate gave you a brand new weapon with guaranteed attachments and an elemental effect, the healing crate got a new variant where it could also increase your health, there were also trapped crates, crates which randomized your weapon's attachments and element, a safe which dropped a lot of money, a slot machine with a random effect, and a crate crate which spewed out other crates. As for bosses, the hidden Renya/Ryo boss from Mafia Dudes was remade into the Void Knight boss for SMD, there was also a flying undead snake/dragon boss called "Skelerak", and a Giant Zombie boss which spawned other, smaller zombies. All in all though, SMD was actually very different from the original.

I thought it was doing fairly well, so while Greenlight was still free, I posted it there. It got shot down, and fast. I swore I'd make it better and return, but afterwards, well, SMD just fell into limbo. I still worked on sprites of the Mafia Dude, but I couldn't decide on what to do with him any more. Maybe the failed Greenlight campaign tainted him to me or something. Either way, I believe it's time to shelve the Mafia Dude for a while, which is interesting to me, because this'll mark the first time I've just up and replaced a character in one of my games. Well, we'll see how this goes from here, because work on this new game which I don't have a name for yet is starting, and the gears are turning once more.


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So, time for some catching up.

by BluDragon 5. July 2012 17:57

I graduated, and passed my Culminating Challenge.

The presentation was highly annoying though when it came down to it because I had to scramble to find a computer that could run Pneumatic.

Beyond that I got an "At Standard" for Pneumatic.


I do want to keep going with stuff, and one OnionBlitz from TIGSource reminded me I have a blog by asking me if I had one.

I should probably keep using this blog.


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I don't know if I can do this.

by BluDragon 1. May 2012 17:24

I really don't.

I can't even get collision code working.

Either works in some directions, but not all, or not at all.


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Frustrations abound!

by BluDragon 12. April 2012 18:37

So the levels load correctly into Pneumatic, however I soon realized that I'm going to need a new level format, one that can have a background layer and foreground, the time remaining, and possibly the texture to use.

So I set about converting the level loader to do just that.

Not as easy as I thought. It works... mostly. Except when I pass in this data:


I get out:


Which should be:


So, it's skipping the first column of every row except the first one. And trying to find out why is annoying.


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by BluDragon 28. March 2012 09:54

Hockey sticks to the face kinda hurt.


Already falling behind with this blog!

by BluDragon 12. March 2012 10:03

I just realized I haven't been keeping up with this blog. Considering that this is part of my evidence for my Culminating Challenge, this is a very bad thing!

I've gotten my project approved, as of March 6th, and have begun work already.

Here's the current list of features I'm working on:

For the player:
 -Movement - Left, Right, Jump
 -Varying jump height and run speed by power-ups
  --When the player has a High-Jump, the backpack will change to a propeller, which will spin faster if the player is jumping
 -Has a time limit to adhere to, otherwise the level resets.
For the enemies:
 -A total of four visual differences (2 Police, 2 Alligators/Crocodiles)
 -2 behaviors - One where the enemy walks off the ledge, one where they turn around (Like the Green/Red koopas in Mario)
 -Enemies will die when if the Player has an invincibility power-up
For the power-ups:
 -3 total - High Jump, Fast Movement, and Invincibility
 -Power-ups last for a set time, likely 1-3 seconds.
For the levels:
 -Some levels should scroll to give a sense of size.
 -3 Zones - Sewers, Industrial Zone, Jail
 -Levels should have a varying time limit
For the menu:
 -2 Screens - Help/Main Menu
  --Main Menu will take you between the Help/Game states
  --Help Menu will display controls.

Graphics I am anticipating and whether they're done:
-Main Body - Done
-Lights - Done
-Backpack - Done
-Police Officer 1 - Done
-Police Officer 2
-Green Alligator
-Blue Alligator
-Industrial - Mostly done
-Invincibility - Done
-High-Jump Backpack - Done
-Speed Boots
-Help Screen - Done
-Main Menu

 -Player Jump
 -Out of Time
 -Enemy Death
 -Player Death
 -Power Up collect
 -Level complete

 -Main Menu Music - Found
 -Game Music - Found


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Testing a color-scheme

by BluDragon 2. March 2012 09:33

Which do you think is best?



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This week

by BluDragon 1. March 2012 11:52

It's been slightly busy. Been filling out forms and working on art work for my game.

I've decided on the name of 'Pneumatic', a rather fitting name for a steampunk game, right?

Anyways I decided to show off some of the art I've done so far:


The bot is for refrence


Edit: Fixed the image.

Just a silly mistake.


Edit 2: Forgot to mention that the image will auto-update whenever I make a change to the website's version.


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Calling all mentors!

by BluDragon 27. February 2012 10:03

Please, please, please respond to my emails!

I'm getting desperate!

March 9th is getting closer and I only have a rough idea for my project, I need a mentor to help me refine it.


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Slowly but surely...

by BluDragon 16. February 2012 09:27

I'm learning how to use this stuff.

Just added a test page to the main site and added a link back to the main page under "About the Author".


And I found out I can edit my website from my flashdrive, handy.


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