So, time for some catching up.

by BluDragon 5. July 2012 17:57

I graduated, and passed my Culminating Challenge.

The presentation was highly annoying though when it came down to it because I had to scramble to find a computer that could run Pneumatic.

Beyond that I got an "At Standard" for Pneumatic.


I do want to keep going with stuff, and one OnionBlitz from TIGSource reminded me I have a blog by asking me if I had one.

I should probably keep using this blog.


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I don't know if I can do this.

by BluDragon 1. May 2012 17:24

I really don't.

I can't even get collision code working.

Either works in some directions, but not all, or not at all.


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Frustrations abound!

by BluDragon 12. April 2012 18:37

So the levels load correctly into Pneumatic, however I soon realized that I'm going to need a new level format, one that can have a background layer and foreground, the time remaining, and possibly the texture to use.

So I set about converting the level loader to do just that.

Not as easy as I thought. It works... mostly. Except when I pass in this data:


I get out:


Which should be:


So, it's skipping the first column of every row except the first one. And trying to find out why is annoying.


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Already falling behind with this blog!

by BluDragon 12. March 2012 10:03

I just realized I haven't been keeping up with this blog. Considering that this is part of my evidence for my Culminating Challenge, this is a very bad thing!

I've gotten my project approved, as of March 6th, and have begun work already.

Here's the current list of features I'm working on:

For the player:
 -Movement - Left, Right, Jump
 -Varying jump height and run speed by power-ups
  --When the player has a High-Jump, the backpack will change to a propeller, which will spin faster if the player is jumping
 -Has a time limit to adhere to, otherwise the level resets.
For the enemies:
 -A total of four visual differences (2 Police, 2 Alligators/Crocodiles)
 -2 behaviors - One where the enemy walks off the ledge, one where they turn around (Like the Green/Red koopas in Mario)
 -Enemies will die when if the Player has an invincibility power-up
For the power-ups:
 -3 total - High Jump, Fast Movement, and Invincibility
 -Power-ups last for a set time, likely 1-3 seconds.
For the levels:
 -Some levels should scroll to give a sense of size.
 -3 Zones - Sewers, Industrial Zone, Jail
 -Levels should have a varying time limit
For the menu:
 -2 Screens - Help/Main Menu
  --Main Menu will take you between the Help/Game states
  --Help Menu will display controls.

Graphics I am anticipating and whether they're done:
-Main Body - Done
-Lights - Done
-Backpack - Done
-Police Officer 1 - Done
-Police Officer 2
-Green Alligator
-Blue Alligator
-Industrial - Mostly done
-Invincibility - Done
-High-Jump Backpack - Done
-Speed Boots
-Help Screen - Done
-Main Menu

 -Player Jump
 -Out of Time
 -Enemy Death
 -Player Death
 -Power Up collect
 -Level complete

 -Main Menu Music - Found
 -Game Music - Found


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Testing a color-scheme

by BluDragon 2. March 2012 09:33

Which do you think is best?



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This week

by BluDragon 1. March 2012 11:52

It's been slightly busy. Been filling out forms and working on art work for my game.

I've decided on the name of 'Pneumatic', a rather fitting name for a steampunk game, right?

Anyways I decided to show off some of the art I've done so far:


The bot is for refrence


Edit: Fixed the image.

Just a silly mistake.


Edit 2: Forgot to mention that the image will auto-update whenever I make a change to the website's version.


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Calling all mentors!

by BluDragon 27. February 2012 10:03

Please, please, please respond to my emails!

I'm getting desperate!

March 9th is getting closer and I only have a rough idea for my project, I need a mentor to help me refine it.


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